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Background Checks

Background Checks in Memphis, TN

Because we have a law enforcement background, and we are a licensed private detective, we have the ability to help you with all your personal and business investigative needs with our background check services. We can navigate the maze to remove the haze and uncover the facts. We help you by uncovering evidence you can use such as photos and documentation that you can use in court, if needed.

Files — Private Investigation in Memphis, TN
Investigator — Private Investigation in Memphis, TN
Evidence — Private Investigation in Memphis, TN

Pre-Marital Background Investigations

Are you looking for a mate and think you found the right person? We can assist with pre-marital background checks so you have peace of mind before you say ‘I Do.' We can investigate their financial health, if they've filed for Bankruptcy, and confirm if they truly own assets they've discussed with you.

Employment Screening & Background Checks

We can also assist businesses and industries with our employment screening services before you make an offer of employment. We can check driving history, education, criminal background, and job history so you can hire the right team. If you have any concerns about firing employees, we can help with that too!

To find out more about us call (623) 257-3745. We offer affordable rates and are available to consult with you by phone 24/7.
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